David Luis, better known online as KC, has been a gamer and a SEGA fan for most of his life. In 2014, he started The SEGA Lounge, a radio talk show on RadioSEGA with the goal of having insightful and entertaining conversations with industry people (game devs, community managers, musicians) and community personalities (the fans behind SEGA fansites, vgm remixers, etc.).

Every week through four seasons, alongside regular co-host SSF1991 (aka Donnie) at first and then joined by several less frequent co-hosts, KC interviewed different guests, played the guests' musical picks and put them through a random challenge. Lots of laughs were had, the show's production quality improved with time, but due to life and time constraints, The SEGA Lounge went off the RadioSEGA airwaves in 2018, apart from a couple of special episodes aired the following year.

After that break, KC decided to bring back The SEGA Lounge for a fifth season, but in a different format. In February 2020, the show debuted as, first and foremost, a podcast. Join him every Friday* for new episodes featuring amazing guests and random shenanigans in the form of a variety of challenges to obtain the (not so) mythical "SEGA Lounge Seal of Approval".

Past guests include rock and Sonic music legend, Johnny Gioeli, Spencer Nilsen of Sonic CD fame, Space Channel 5 devs, Mineko Okamura and Takumi Yoshinaga, and Streets of Rage 4 devs, Cyrille Imbert and Ben Fiquet.

*Episodes premiere on RadioSEGA every Thursday at 8 PM UK time.

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About the Host

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David Luis, aka KC, has been hosting radio shows on RadioSEGA since 2013. Prior to that, he was involved with some behind-the-scenes work at the station, which included podcast editing and publishing.
KC's an avid gamer and massive SEGA fan, with series like Shenmue and Sonic being some of his favorites. In recent years, though, he started expanding his gaming horizons to other genres which saw Valkyria Chronicles becoming one of his top SEGA franchises.