Absolutely mandatory if you're a Sega fan

The Sega Lounge is, undoubtedly, one of the most well produced and interesting podcasts in the gaming community. The host David "KC" is a big reason for that. His entusiasm for all things sega is very palpable and the guests that he brings in each episode are all very interesting. If you want you're a big Sega fan like me, you have to listen! Believe me! You won't regret it


TOp demais

Very nice

Double nice


It was very enjoyable!

awesome podcast

The podcast is PHOENOMINAL...the best damn sega podcast eva...

SEGA i love you<3

it is great, like everything Sega does, here are my 5 stars!

Love them!

great and keeps you wanting to come back for more!



Best podcast to listen for Sega lovers!

Unfair Outdated Reviews

Two out of the three reviews for this show, while might have been valid 4 years ago, do not reflect the show’s more recent quality. The mixing was fixed, and this show doesn’t deserve the 3.0 rating that it had as of before my review. I do hope that you give the show a listen, and ignore the low ratings, as despite the audio mixing being an issue four years ago, it doesn’t reflect the show’s fascinating interviews and accompanying content. KC, you rock!

It's good

It's alright for what it is and I enjoyed listening to it for the most part and found it entertaining to listen to the hosts interact with the guest(s)