Feb. 21, 2023

A New Look For Season 7

A New Look For Season 7

With only three days to go (two if you're a RadioSEGA listener) until the debut of Season 7 of The SEGA Lounge, I thought I'd address the new look of the website and really all podcast and social media assets.

As always, I have Manuel García Melgar, aka Kopke, to thank for the massive redesign of everything.

This time the initial concept was a more clean and simplistic look and I honestly think he nailed it. You can also find specific elements that make sense if you think about what we're doing with the podcast.

At the center of everything is the microphone, which is pretty self-explanatory... we're a podcast!

Around it we have four controllers: Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox and PlayStation. We cover SEGA and share our love for all eras of SEGA history, be it first-party or the third-party days.

The SEGA Lounge is, as any lounge worthy of its name, a place for friends from the community to get together and share their experiences and chat about SEGA, hence the controllers gathered around the microphone.

And our always-turning summoning circle, inspired by Phantasy Star Online, represents the ability to summon the best guests, which we've been doing for the past nine years.

Again, many thanks to the talented Kopke for his amazing work on all design iterations of The SEGA Lounge. Both him and I sincerely hope you like this new look.

This post is the last update before TSL reopens. I hope this got you in the mood for a brand new season of the show. If you haven't yet, remember to subscribe to our email newsletter below, so you can get the latest updates in your inbox.