Feb. 10, 2023

Season 7 Debuts February 24th

Season 7 Debuts February 24th

Greetings, everyone! I hope everyone's been well since the last episode of The SEGA Lounge aired back in December 2021.

Whether you knew about it or not, the original plan was for the podcast to resume in February 2022 after a short break. However, life got it the way. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by personal and professional happenings, and I honestly think the effects of the pandemic finally got to me last year. Because of that, I ended up taking a much longer break from the podcast and social media.

That being said, I did get your messages asking when the show would be returning. I did get the DMs showing support and wishing for The SEGA Lounge to be back. And, frankly, I really wanted to bring back the show.

So, it's time... The SEGA Lounge is coming back for its seventh season this month. More specifically, a new episode will be available on Friday, February 24th at midnight GMT, our usual release schedule.

This new season brings along a new look and some tweaks to the formula of The SEGA Lounge you've grown to love. But that's something I'll talk more about next week.

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For now, rejoice! The SEGA Lounge is back!