Feb. 16, 2023

What's New (And Not So Much) This Year?

What's New (And Not So Much) This Year?

Following up on last week's announcement, and with one week to go, let me explain what's changing this season and what remains the same.

I've been doing this show for a while now and the core premise hasn't changed. My focus continues to be on getting great guests to come on the podcast and share their stories. And that's what I'm doing this season as well.

Something else that will remain unchanged is our partnership with RadioSEGA. After all, that's where this show was born back in 2014. This means RadioSEGA listeners will get the chance to listen to every new episode of The SEGA Lounge first: every Thursday at 8 PM GMT. Episodes go live to every podcast service out there the day after.

And I'm also very interested in expanding my collaborations with other members of the community, which will include special episodes that feature recorded statements from friends of the show, and even round table episodes.

Speaking of which, we're probably having a few more of those this year. Ideas I'm toying with at the moment include a discussion of Sonic Frontiers six months after its original release, a group review of Like a Dragon: Ishin! a few weeks after its release, and even an in-depth look at some interesting marketing campaigns from SEGA's past.

Finally, and because this post is long enough as it is, I'm doing my best to shorten the length of our episodes, either by editing them to cut out filler talk, or by making sure my interviews are actually shorter. Not that I got a lot of complaints about it in the past, but I understand it's hard to find the time and mindset to listen to a 2-hour (or longer) show, no matter how interesting and entertaining it is. It doesn't mean I'll always be successful but I'll do my best on this front!

So there you have it, The SEGA Lounge returns next week - Thursday, February 23rd, at 8 PM GMT for RadioSEGA listeners; Friday, February 24th for everyone else. And we're starting with a look back at some highlights of season 6 of the show. The week after, me and some friends from the community will be taking a look back at 2022 and what SEGA did as well as discuss our expectations for 2023.

I hope to see you on the Lounge for its reopening! If you want to stay up-to-date, be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter below and get notified of all relevant news.