June 11, 2021

156 - Eric Kelso

156 - Eric Kelso

This week's guest is the amazingly talented Eric Kelso, best known by SEGA fans for being the voice of Jacky Bryant from Virtua Fighter and the original voice of Fuku-san, Guizhang and Ren from Shenmue. Keep listening to find out more about his work as a voice actor, his life in Japan and Shenmue.

Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 156 of The SEGA Lounge. And what a treat of an episode this will be... But let me start by thanking everyone who took part in our giveaway last week. We gave away two codes for Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown with the Legendary Pack DLC included and we had hundreds of entries. Unfortunately, only two people could win and let me give a big shoutout to Joshua Ford, from the UK, who won the European code and to Vaibhav Acharya, from the USA, who won the North American code. Congratulations to you both and I hope you enjoy the game. Also a massive thank you to Danny Russell of SEGA of America for hooking us up with these codes. Everyone stay tuned for more giveaways in the future.

Anyway, are you a fan of Virtua Fighter? A fan of Shenmue? In that case, have I got a treat for you this week! It's my pleasure and my honor to welcome Eric Kelso to the show. Eric is an American-born voice actor who's been living in Japan for 35 years and is known by SEGA fans for being the voice of Jacky Bryant in the Virtua Fighter series and for being the original voice of Fuku-san, Guizhang and Ren from Shenmue. I had a great time talking to Eric about his work in the video game industry, his life in Japan, Shenmue and much more. Stick around for that and a special quiz about the many voices of Eric Kelso. I hope you enjoy!

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One last reminder is for you to check out our bonus episode which dropped a few days ago: a review of Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World, the remake of the 1994 16-bit game Monster World IV. If you missed it, you can find it over at thesegalounge.com/ashareview or by searching your podcast app.

And June 2021 is the month of Sonic's 30th anniversary so the next couple of episodes will be dedicated to the blue blur. Next week, we'll have a couple of podcasters who focus on a very specific bit of Sonic media. And the week after will be our very special Sonic's 30th anniversary episode. So be sure to follow The SEGA Lounge in your podcast app so you don't miss our upcoming shows.

Thank you very much for listening. I hope you have a great week wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Above all, stay safe and have fun.


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Eric Kelso


Eric Kelso has been a voice actor and narrator in Tokyo since 1989. His work includes voices for video games, movies, TV programs, TV commercials, radio programs, animation, events, and educational and testing materials.
Among SEGA fans, Eric is best known as the voice of Jacky Bryant in the Virtua Fighter series, and Fuku-san, Guizhang and Ren in the original Shenmue games.