Oct. 1, 2021

163 - Roel van Mastbergen of Senile Team

163 - Roel van Mastbergen of Senile Team

4 years after he last came on the show, Roel van Masterbergen, founder of Senile Team, is back on The SEGA Lounge to talk more about Intrepid Izzy, a brand new game for the Dreamcast, as well as his own life as a SEGA and video game fan.

We've been getting a lot of returning guests recently, haven't we? This time, we welcome back to The Lounge Roel van Mastbergen, founder of Senile Team. When he last came on the show, back in October 2017, he was promoting the Kickstarter for a brand new Dreamcast game called Intrepid Izzy. The game is now out on both Dreamcast and Steam so it's time to talk to Roel once more and learn what happened during the development process and what exactly makes Intrepid Izzy such a special game. (We shall never forget he earned 3 bonus points in our challenge. What a legend!)

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Roel van Mastbergen


Founder of Senile Team, developer of Dreamcast games. Artist, programmer and game designer. Earned 3 bonus points in the SEGA Lounge Podcast Quiz.