Dec. 3, 2021

169 - Sega Mania Magazine

169 - Sega Mania Magazine

On this week's show, we welcome Tim Hugall, Steve Andrews and Sam Forrester, part of the Sega Mania team, who tell us all about their SEGA magazine; from how it started to what the future holds starting with the upcoming issue 4.

Hello and welcome to The SEGA Lounge, your number something podcast for SEGA talk and fun! I did get some messages of people sharing their Spotify Wrapped lists with The SEGA Lounge in the top position. Thank you so much to those who listen to this podcast every week and I would love to see more of those posts so do please tag us on Twitter or Instagram if you're willing to share.

This week, I'm joined by Tim, Sam and Steve from the Sega Mania team. Tim and Sam are the co-founders of this SEGA-centric magazine, one that has a very particular and original approach to the company's history. The guys were a blast to talk to and told me all about how this project came to be and even shared some exclusive info on what to expect to see on their next issue. By the way, the most recent edition of Sega Mania - issue 3 - is currently available to order from their website. You can go to right now and order all past issues of the magazine and even pre-order the great looking issue 4 with cover art by Duncan Gutteridge.

Next week, we'll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of ToeJam & Earl with contributions from some of our community homies. And for our final episode, we'll be celebrating another big 3-0 anniversary. That's right, we're closing off the season with a tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog. I hope you join us for both of those episodes. Thank you so much for listening! Have a great week and I'll see you next time.


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Sam ForresterProfile Photo

Sam Forrester


Co-founder of Sega Mania magazine.

Steve AndrewsProfile Photo

Steve Andrews

Staff Writer - Sega Mania Magazine

Steve is an ex-actor and occasional stand-up comedian, a full time single parent, and die-hard Sega enthusiast.
He is currently studying for his MA in English at Exeter University. He joined Sega Mania Magazine from issue 3 and is currently working on a play called ‘And Losers’ to tour in 2022 (Covid and acts of God permitting).

Tim HugallProfile Photo

Tim Hugall


Editor and co-founder of Sega Mania Magazine