March 3, 2023

173 - Best of SEGA in 2022

173 - Best of SEGA in 2022

In the second episode of the season, we take a look back at SEGA's year of 2022 from the lens of the community. KC invited some friends of the show to share their thoughts about last year in terms of SEGA games and more, as well as their hopes for 2023.

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James 'SkillJim' BrownProfile Photo

James 'SkillJim' Brown


Shenmue Dojo co-owner, Suka Pass co-designer, creator & chief editor of successful Kickstarter for Shenmue World fan magazine, massive SEGA fan and collector.

Lewis ClarkProfile Photo

Lewis Clark

Webmaster and lead writer for

Brian Vines


Member of The Saturn Junkyard and host of its TitanCast podcast.

Matt OliverProfile Photo

Matt Oliver


Shenmue Dojo co-owner, learner podcaster/interviewer, retro collector & part of the wider Shenmue Community.


Daniel "The Mega" Driver


One half of the SEGA Guys.

Manuel Garcia MelgarProfile Photo

Manuel Garcia Melgar

A long time collaborator of the show, Manuel is responsible for all The SEGA Lounge art. A very talented illustrator and graphic designer.

Renato AlmeidaProfile Photo

Renato Almeida


Renato grew up a SEGA kid in Brazil and pretended to be SEGA's CEO at a young age. His love for the company only grew stronger with time and he ended up working with the blue brand in a PR and communications capacity. Eventually, Renato founded Masamune, a PR, marketing and communications agency. To this day, he maintains a healthy relationship with SEGA helping the company reach the Brazilian market with their games.

Lewis CoxProfile Photo

Lewis Cox


Lewis is a writer and the founder of the Kaizo Minds art collective, the editor of geek publication Alt:Mag and part of The Dreamcast Junkyard.

Lime ReversedProfile Photo

Lime Reversed


Lime Reversed, aka Emil, is a Twitch streamer who plays games with the help of his trusty sidekick Miranda Random, a random word generator.

Jay Egge MannProfile Photo

Jay Egge Mann


Founder and creator of The Sonic Show. Now running Sonic Cage Dome (a social media brand) and podcast titled The Opinion Zone.
Winner of “Europe's Biggest Sonic Fan” contest ran by SEGA Europe.

ScottyMoProfile Photo



Been playing Sega forever with a few of his favorites including Sonic 3, Saturn Bomberman, and Zero Tolerance. Scotty has written about Sega and hosted Sega-themed podcasts the better part of the last decade and can sometimes be seen on stage behind a drum kit.