April 14, 2023

179 - Ross Kilgariff (HarleQuest!)

179 - Ross Kilgariff (HarleQuest!)

Ross Kilgariff, creator of new Dreamcast game, HarleQuest!, now on Kickstarter, comes to The SEGA Lounge to tell us more about the game and the inspiration behind it.

Check out the Kickstarter project (ends on April 30th): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ross-codes/harlequest-a-new-3d-dungeon-crawler-for-the-sega-dreamcast


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Ross KilgariffProfile Photo

Ross Kilgariff


Game developer from Scotland, UK. Working on HarleQuest!, a new 3D dungeon crawler for the SEGA Dreamcast. I love retro systems and decided to change to a part-time position at my day job to work on a Dreamcast game.