July 23, 2020

122 - Andrew Dickinson (Dreamcast: Year Two)

122 - Andrew Dickinson (Dreamcast: Year Two)

Welcome back to The SEGA Lounge! This week's guest is Andrew Dickinson, author of the upcoming Dreamcast: Year Two book

This week, I’m talking to Andrew Dickinson. Andrew is the author of the Dreamcast: Year One book, which was successfully funded last year through Kickstarter. Putting the book together spawned a few other projects for Andrew, including the Dreamcast Years podcast and, of course, a second book titled Dreamcast: Year Two. Along with a team of talented and knowledgeable contributors, Andrew is this time focusing on the second year of existence of SEGA’s white box.

Dreamcast: Year Two is coming to Kickstarter on July 28th and I sat down with Andrew to learn more about his love for the console, the books, the podcast and to put his knowledge of the Dreamcast to the test.


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