March 19, 2021

144 - Argick

144 - Argick

This week's guest is none other than streamer and Sonic speedrunner, Argick. Listen to a chat where he shares his beginnings with video games and the speedrunning scene and finds out how much of a SEGA fan he really is.

Hello and welcome to The SEGA Lounge podcast. I'd like to start this week's show by acknowledging RadioSEGA's 15th anniversary. That's right, it all started in March 2006. If you're not familiar with RadioSEGA, it's an online radio station that plays nothing but SEGA music all day long. You have the chance of requesting songs by going to the website and there are some amazing live shows, which is how this podcast actually started - as a live show on RadioSEGA. I'm obviously a big fan of the station as a long time listener and staff member. It's a project I've spent many, many hours working on. While it's true I've poured my blood, sweat and tears into the station, and yes, literal sweat and tears sometimes, the fact is RadioSEGA also helped me a lot during some of the darkest times of my life with its wonderful community and as a way to share my passion for SEGA and SEGA music. It truly fills my heart with joy seeing it thrive, especially the radio side of it. And, you know, 15 years is a long time for a fan project let alone an online radio station. So from the bottom of my heart, happy 15th anniversary, RadioSEGA! And here's to 15 more.

I'm interested in covering as many sides of the SEGA fan community as I can here on the show. One side I think I need to focus a bit more in the future is video creators and streamers. So it's a true honor to welcome one of those content creators to the Lounge.

This week, I'm joined by the amazing Argick, a Scottish Twitch streamer and Sonic speedrunner who's not only very entertaining but friendly and positive, which are traits I believe make him one of the most engaging streamers in the SEGA community. Stick around as we discuss his beginnings in both the gaming and speedrunning scene and listen to his advice on how to get started if you're interested in doing some speedruns.


I'm always looking for new ideas and suggestions for the show so feel free to drop me a line at podcast[at]thesegalounge[dot]com or poke me on social media. I'm cooking up a special episode to celebrate a big SEGA anniversary, which, spoilers, is not Sonic, but that's a story for another day. Next week, my guest will be a YouTube content creator and we talk about lots of video game related stuff. Not just SEGA either! So be sure to come back to the Lounge next week for that. As always, a big thank you to everyone who listens to the show, including those of you who catch the first airing on RadioSEGA. Your support is greatly appreciated so do follow our podcast and spread the word so that more people can enjoy the stories told by our amazing guests.


This week's show was "sponsored" by Dr. Eggman's Animal Capsules.


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Twitch streamer and Sonic speedrunner.