March 26, 2021

145 - Johnny Retro of Retro Raider

145 - Johnny Retro of Retro Raider

Entering the Lounge this week is Portuguese YouTuber and gamer, Johnny Retro, host of the Retro Raider show. Listen as he discusses his first experiences with video games at an early age and feel for him as he suffers through our usual challenge.

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well. I hope you had a great week and are ready for a brand-new episode of The SEGA Lounge.

A couple of game-related things happened this week, with the PC release of Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 on Steam and Yakuza 6 on Xbox Game Pass. So if you're in need of more SEGA in your life, these are two great options that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

On a slightly different note for our European friends, SEGA Shop Europe opened up pre-orders for an awesome Sonic 30th anniversary statue featuring the blue blur and Dr. Robotnik in a scene taken straight from the boss fight in Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog. It looks really good so if you're in Europe, you can now pre-order it with delivery expected for August 2021.

Finally, I just came across a bit of news regarding SEGA ranking 1st in Metacritic's Annual Game Publisher Rankings with a 81.6% average metascore for 2020 releases. Credit is given to Persona 5 Royal, Metacritic's 2020 Game of the Year, the Yakuza franchise, Two Point Hospital and Bayonetta, as well as 13 Sentinels. All the more reason to try out some of these games if you haven't already. I personally need to try 13 Sentinels and I'm planning on getting Two Point Hospital for the Switch as it looks like something that would fit that system perfectly.

This week, I'm joined by fellow Portuguese gamer, Johnny Retro, host of Retro Raider, a YouTube show dedicated not just to retro, but gaming in general. Johnny was a delight to talk to and you'll get to learn more about his personal experiences with games, including SEGA. We somehow end up discussing Shenmue, which is par for course for me, and Johnny goes through hell, aka The SEGA Lounge Challenge. Do subscribe to his YouTube channel. Not only is he a massive gamer but he's above all else a nice guy, so he does indeed deserve all of your love.

And just like that we've reached the end of another episode of The SEGA Lounge. The doors are closing for now, but be sure to come back next week as I talk to a very special guest I can only describe as having a lot of experience working with SEGA and a person who is now a game dev as well. Stay safe, have an amazing week and, like my friend Johnny Retro would say, game a lot. Buh-bye!


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Johnny Retro


YouTuber and host of "Retro Raider", a YouTube show started in 2017, dedicated to his passion for video games. His YouTube channel covers a variety of topics across all generations of gaming.