April 16, 2021

148 - Renato Almeida (Part II)

148 - Renato Almeida (Part II)

We're back with the second part of my chat with Renato Almeida. Not only do you get the conclusion of The SEGA Lounge Challenge but some fun stories about Renato's company and how he met SEGA's CEO.

Hello there! Welcome to The SEGA Lounge podcast. We are back for a new episode and I'm glad you're on that side ready to listen.

The SEGA and SEGA adjacent news keep on coming and this week we finally saw a new trailer for The House of the Dead: Remake. The game had been announced I believe over a year ago and it's now confirmed to be coming out on Nintendo Switch. According to the press release and official website, this will be "a remade version of the game introduced in 1997. A classic arcade rail-shooter receives a whole new entourage and gameplay changes to suit modern gaming standards." Of course, you can expect more news and relevant interviews regarding this game on The SEGA Lounge in the future.

I would also like to give a special shoutout to my friends Dan and James, hosts of the SEGAGUYS RetroPod. You probably remember how much fun we had together when they came on The Lounge last season. And now, they've been gracious enough to have me as a guest on their RetroPod. It was, as expected, a lot of fun and on that particular episode of their "My Favourite SEGA" series, I share my favorite SEGA console, game and song, while adding in some cheeky honorable mentions. Feel free to give it a listen. And remember to follow the SEGAGUYS RetroPod as it's amazing and it's celebrating its one year anniversary soon with a very special episode.

This week, Renato Almeida is back for the second part of our conversation. Not only will we have the conclusion of The SEGA Lounge Challenge, but learn more about Renato's PR and communication company, his current work relationship with SEGA and the story of how he met SEGA's current CEO.

Follow Renato on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SAVE_RAL

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Website of Masamune, Renato's company: https://www.masamune.com.br

I'd like to just casually mention that I've recorded this as I took a sip of water off my The SEGA Lounge branded mug. That may or may not mean I'll be sharing some news on how to get official The SEGA Lounge merch from our website. Keep your eyes on our social media, and of course, your ears on this podcast for news on that very soon.

Until then, I wish you all a wonderful, fun and most of all safe week. And please join me on the next episode for more SEGA talk.


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Renato Almeida


Renato grew up a SEGA kid in Brazil and pretended to be SEGA's CEO at a young age. His love for the company only grew stronger with time and he ended up working with the blue brand in a PR and communications capacity. Eventually, Renato founded Masamune, a PR, marketing and communications agency. To this day, he maintains a healthy relationship with SEGA helping the company reach the Brazilian market with their games.