June 25, 2021

158 - The SEGA Lounge Challenge - Sonic's 30th Anniversary Edition

158 - The SEGA Lounge Challenge - Sonic's 30th Anniversary Edition

Happy 30th anniversary, Sonic the Hedgehog! To celebrate, we invited TitansCreed and TheBritishAndy to bring along some friends (GreenViper8, Bryce, ZephyrFloofyDerg and Garrulous64) and go head-to-head in a Sonical edition of The SEGA Lounge Challenge. Pick a team, play along and see if you can do better than Team Final Hazard or Team Wisp.

Hello everyone and welcome to a very special episode of The SEGA Lounge! On June 23rd, 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog was released for the SEGA Genesis in the United States. Thirty years have passed and with them many games, some great, some decent, some we don't talk about. However, after all this time, Sonic the Hedgehog continues to be one of the most beloved video game characters in the world and the face of SEGA. My first proper experience with a video game was in fact Sonic 1 on the Mega Drive and despite the fact that the most recent modern games aren't my favorite things in the world, I am still very much a Sonic fan. As I watched the 30th Anniversary Symphony, which premiered earlier this week, I realized that no matter what happens, the blue hedgehog will always be a part of me and my life. And if all else fails, we can always count on the amazing music of the series to make us a smile or, as I'm sure was the case of many during the concert, make us cry.

This week, we're celebrating Sonic's 30th anniversary with a Sonic-themed edition of The SEGA Lounge Challenge. Not only that but we're celebrating the week of Race For Good which started on Monday, the 21st of June and is going until the end of the week. So I invited TitansCreed and TheBritishAndy to bring along some friends (GreenViper8, Bryce, ZephyrFloofyDerg and Garrulous64) and go head-to-head on this quiz made in Robotnik hell! It's going to be a lot of fun and, as they'll find out in the end, it's also going to be for charity. You know the drill by now: pick a team, write down your answers and points and see how many points you can score. Ladies and gentlemen... welcome to The SEGA Lounge Challenge!

Check out the schedule of Race For Good 2021 and donate, if you can: https://tiltify.com/+race-for-good/race-for-good-2021


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Zephyr is a 34-year old dragon gamer from England and a proud member of Wild Abandon and Storytellers. He has participated in several speedrunning events including Team Fastest Furs Fall Festival 2020 & RGLTV Retrothon 2021. In the past he has raised money for Chester Zoo, Starlight Children's Foundation, Mental Health America and Special Effect. He has made appearances at multiple virtual cons including as Virtual Furence and Furality.

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Garrulous64 is a content creator that focuses on Sonic related content. He claims to do a lot of things, and sometimes that's the case when he's got the energy to ACTUALLY do those things.

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