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Zephyr is a 34-year old dragon gamer from England and a proud member of Wild Abandon and Storytellers. He has participated in several speedrunning events including Team Fastest Furs Fall Festival 2020 & RGLTV Retrothon 2021. In the past he has raised money for Chester Zoo, Starlight Children's Foundation, Mental Health America and Special Effect. He has made appearances at multiple virtual cons including as Virtual Furence and Furality.

Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Projects Charity Special Events

158 - The SEGA Lounge Challenge - Sonic's 30th Anniversary Edition

June 25, 2021

Happy 30th anniversary, Sonic the Hedgehog! To celebrate, we invited TitansCreed and TheBritishAndy to bring along some friends (GreenViper8, Bryce, ZephyrFloofyDerg and Garrulous64) and go head-to-head in a Sonical edition …