Sept. 17, 2021

161 - Weston Super Sonic 2022 with Claire and Jono

161 - Weston Super Sonic 2022 with Claire and Jono

It's time to reopen the doors of The Lounge for the final stretch of season 6! And what better way to do it than inviting back Claire and Jono Dixon, the organizers of Sonic the Hedgehog fan convention, Weston Super Sonic? Enjoy listening to their plans for next year's event and learn how you can attend and/or support via their Kickstarter page.

Hello everyone and welcome to The SEGA Lounge! It's great to be back in full force as we enter the second half of season 6 of the show which will take us all the way to some time in December, if all goes well. I hope you've all managed to stay safe and have some fun with video games. If you somehow missed it, check out our bonus summer series with game suggestions you're sure to enjoy.

One more housekeeping bit to take care of: I wanna give a huge shout out to Joanna Hauser over at Toy Tales, a great website that takes a daily look back at the toys, games and objects that captured our attention when we were kids and continue to fascinate us today. Joanna was gracious enough to feature The SEGA Lounge on one of her posts and she even suggested a few gateway episodes for newcomers to listen to when they discover the podcast. Thank you very much, Joanna and Toy Tales! And do check out for some really cool looks at vintage toys, gaming-related magazines, game collectors and more.

Conventions. Lots of people together at the same place. Laughter. For many of us these sound like things of a distant past before the world came to a halt a year and a half a go. Many of us had plans to travel, attend conventions, see friends, and we had to cancel all those plans because of COVID-19. As things slowly start to look up, one of said conventions is making a come back through Kickstarter. Weston Super Sonic 2022 is set to take place in February and co-organizers Claire and Jono Dixon are back on The SEGA Lounge to talk about their plans for this upcoming edition, their memories of previous conventions and how they're doing everything they can to host a safe and fun event. All while dealing with a challenge by yours truly. Fun times!

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Jono DixonProfile Photo

Jono Dixon

Videographer/Convention Co-Organiser

A lurker in the Sonic community for many years, Jono first decided to start actively participating in the Sonic community from the early 2010s, being involved in a number of projects, including writing for The Sonic Stadium, video work for the Sonic Show and even community relations for First 4 Figures.

More recently, Jono has been one of the main collaborators of the Weston-Super-Sonic Fan Convention.

Claire DixonProfile Photo

Claire Dixon

Convention Organiser

The madwoman who made a convention for Sonic Fans! A Sonic fan from the very beginning, the series has followed her (much like Tails) through every corner of her life, from her costumes, illustrations in comics and of course the Weston Super Sonic convention she now co-organises.