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Jono Dixon

Videographer/Convention Co-Organiser

A lurker in the Sonic community for many years, Jono first decided to start actively participating in the Sonic community from the early 2010s, being involved in a number of projects, including writing for The Sonic Stadium, video work for the Sonic Show and even community relations for First 4 Figures.

More recently, Jono has been one of the main collaborators of the Weston-Super-Sonic Fan Convention.

Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Projects

161 - Weston Super Sonic 2022 with Claire and Jono

Sept. 17, 2021

It's time to reopen the doors of The Lounge for the final stretch of season 6! And what better way to do it than inviting back Claire and Jono Dixon, the organizers of Sonic the Hedgehog fan convention, Weston Super Sonic? E…