Dec. 18, 2016

69 - Opus Science Collective

69 - Opus Science Collective

As part of RadioSEGA's WinterFest 2016 event, we open the doors of The SEGA Lounge to Steve from the Opus Science Collective. And not only do we have a chat about their music, but we also play their brand new Sonic-themed EP "Zoned".

You can grab "Zoned", for free, from

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OSC, aka Opus Science Collective: a musician who has been crafting his musical art for the best part of a quarter of a decade and has created a distinctive sound that is synthwave but not as you know it. It's actually much more than that, defying labels and blending genres. OSC's remix of Ultra-Noob's "Megane (Glasses)" track from the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series is the theme song of The SEGA Lounge and he also provides all incidental music used throughout each episode from season 5 onwards.